Studio Taghua
Welcome to the Oakenfold Press Kit!

Oakenfold is a clever time-reversible strategy game. Outsmart the Biocides wrecking our planet in this roguelike adventure. Manipulate them, shove them, drown them, crush them, have them attack each other... No matter how you do it, keep your precious cargo safe at all times! It's your last chance to escape our inhospitable planet...
Oakenfold is produced by Studio Taghua, a one man game development studio based in Amsterdam. Founded by Rutger van Dijk in 2020 to spread little bits of electronic joy.

Game mechanics
Oakenfold takes a twist on the classic turn-based strategy flow, similar to games such as "Into the Breach", the enemy  attacks are pre-indicated - giving you a set amount of actions to find the solution to the puzzle. However, in Oakenfold, you don't have to think out the complete solution in advance. You can start trying your solution, and if it doesn't work you can simply reverse time with your magical TimeScrubber™. 

Key Features
  •  TimeScrubber™, a freely usable undo/redo system, allowing you to travel back and forth in time - try out all the potential solutions to find the best one. 
  •  Procedurally generated, each play-through will feature different paths, missions, upgrades, items, and results to your decisions
  •  Customizable Abilities, each play-through will offer different ways to customize your abilities, make it explosive, implosive, conductive.. combine at will!
  •  Permadeath, if you perish, you perish. Adding weight to every decision that you take. Feared and loved, it leaves you with that "alright, let's try that again, but better this time" feeling
  •  Weekly Escape, there is a weekly updated playthrough where all players will be offered the same challenges and choices. To really scratch that min-maxing itch! Comes with a competitive leaderboard.